For the “Sea” Foodies: A Guide to Lowcountry Shrimp Season




Bubba from Forrest Gump said it best when he described shrimp as the “fruit of the sea.” From blackened and pan-seared to boiled or deep-fried, there are so many ways to enjoy this seafood favorite – and they all taste delicious.

Because of South Carolina’s location and climate, the Lowcountry has three distinct shrimp seasons. Roe shrimp season begins in May or June, where you will find these tasty shrimp in salty marshes along the coast. If there are enough eggs spawned to produce a good fall harvest, the Department of Natural Resources will open this season to commercial fishers.

Brown shrimp season typically lasts from June until August, but you can find large brown shrimp quantities as late as October. Harvests take place along the coast and in the Lowcountry’s tidal creeks.

White shrimp, which are the offspring of roe shrimp, appear between August and December. October is the height of the white shrimp season, which yields the biggest hauls of the year. We love cooking with local shrimp at any time of year, but now is the best time to get your shrimp fix.

Fresh shrimp complements just about any dish, but here are the sea-to-table dishes we recommend trying this season:

  • Shrimp and grits. The combination of seasoned shrimp and creamy grits makes for the ultimate Southern comfort meal, especially when you add toppings. We serve our award-winning* Shrimp and Grits with mushrooms, bacon, garlic, onion, and fresh scallion! 
  • Shrimp salads. Salads aren’t just for Summer. If you’re looking for a light-yet-satisfying lunch, look no further than our salads, which we load with shrimp and other local ingredients. Whether you order the Avocado Caprese with Grilled Shrimp, the Beets, Blue and Blackened Shrimp, or the Grand Caesar, you can’t go wrong!
  • Shrimp…for breakfast. Shrimp tastes excellent at any time of day – including breakfast. We put a twist on a classic breakfast dish by adding shrimp to our Island Scramble. You can also order the Shrimp, Bacon, and Potato Hash or “Shrimp and Grits with Eggs Y’all” for a hearty start to the day.

At The Cottage, we love incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients – like local shrimp – into all of our meals. Are you getting hungry? Join us for breakfast Mon-Fri (9-11 am), Sat (8-11 am), or for Sunday brunch (8 am-2 pm). We’re also open for lunch Mon-Sat (11 am-3 pm). We can’t wait to see you soon!  

*Awards won: Best of Bluffton (2020, 2019), Sun Today Select (2019), USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice Awards (2019)