English Favorites Estate Teas

Earl Grey – quintessential English tea
English Breakfast – classic
Coronation – delightful
Scottish Breakfast – malty, oakey
Irish Breakfast – robust & bold
Lady Londonberry – berry, lemon
Blue Sapphire – full bodied floral
Cream Earl Grey – mellow, creamy
Norfolk Breakfast – jammy, full body
Royal Bengal Tiger – fruity
Margaret’s Hope – Darjeeling
Bukhial – mellow, malty
Kirkoswald – coppery with golden notes
Tiger Hill Nilgiri – hint of mint
Soom – darleeling


Black Tea Flavored Black Tea

Assam Organic – malty, full-bodied
Lapsang Souchong – smoky, mellow
Morning Miracle – sweet, nutty
Rose Congou Emperor – delicate rose
Apple Spice – with cinnamon
Butterscotch – smooth, creamy
Copley Vanilla – creamy vanilla
Lemon Mango – hint of musk
Apricot Peach – mellow, ripe
Mighty Pear – all about the pear
Peaches n’ Cream – dollop of cream
Mountain Huckleberry – wild berry
Monk’s Blend – vanilla, grenadine
Mango Mist – light, sweet
Wild Blackberry – sweet, piquant


Green Tea Flavored Green Tea

Jasmine with Flowers – floral, full body
Lavender Butterfly – floral, lavender
Moon Swirl – fresh, deep
Japan Sencha – smooth, exotic
Formosa Gunpowder – strong, soothing
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose – cherries
Hermes Orange – mandarin, tangerine
Ginger Green – best of both worlds
Long Island Strawberry – hint of papaya


Oolong Tea Flavored Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong – sweeter, toasty
Milk Oolong – creamy, light, traditional
Sweet Watermelon – no seeds
Goji Berry – classic floral


White Tea Flavored White Tea

Pai Mu Tan – jammy flavors
Nandi Safari – delicate, smokey
Blueberry White – light blueberry
Peach Apricot – delicately balanced
Pomegranate Madagascar – vanilla


Natural Tea High Antioxidant/Wellness Tea

Ceylon Black Pedro – classic ceylon
Changoi Lion’s Mane – very exotic, malty
Altitude Green White – full-bodied
Citron Green – green meets lemon
Riverdance Green – matcha added!
Jet Lag Strawberry – berry dream
Jet Lag Awake – spearmint fresh
Pommes Green – granny smith apple
Serengeti Blend – speed of a gazelle


Pu-erh Tea Flavored Pu-erh Tea

Golden Pu-Erh – mild, earthy
Emperor Pu-Erh – chestnut, toasty
Creme Brulee Pu-Erh – caramel
Ethiopian Mocha – chocolateCHAI TEA
Kama Sutra – deep, floral, saucy
Cochin Masala – full body, cardamom
Green Chai – cardamom, clove
Bangalore Rose – light floral, masala
Indian Spiced – mellow Indian spiceMATE TEA
Roasted Mate Organic – toasty, coffee
Green Yerba Mate Organic – vegetative
Lemon Yerba Mate – Egyptian lemonMATCHA TEA
Bengal Club Chai – super chai!
Elephant Ivory White – super crisp


Martini Inspired Tea Wine Inspired Tea

Sour Apple Martini – green apple
Chocolate Martini – milk chocolate
Mojito Martini – smackin’ minty lime
Merlot Chantelle – currants, blackberry
Chardonnay Meursault – plum, honey


Carnaby Street Favorites Fruit & Herb Tea

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai – boo!
Across A Crowded Room – sexy vanilla
Rocky Horror Spice – jump to the left!
Egyptian Camomile – traditional herb
Berry Berry – berrilicious
Orange Grove Vanilla – creamsicle
Paradiso Peach – summer in a cup
Peppermint – cool, fresh
Cranberry Apple – mulled spice
Pina Colada Carmen Miranda – tropical
On The Waterfront – mint, peach
Ipanema Clementine – orange spice
Tunisian Lemon Mint – fresh
Hibiscus – grenadine, lemonade
Strawberry Kiwi – yum yum


Flavored Roobios CO2 Decaf Teas – Zero Caffeine!

Creme au Caramel – sweet
Provence – floral, fruity, lavender
Bourbon Street Vanilla – exotic, jazzy
Dutch Licorice – aniseed, tangy
Earl Grey – natural bergamot
Darjeeling – classic darjeeling
English Breakfast- full body, classic
Jasmine Green – perfumey, full flavor