Seven Southern Foods You Have to Try on Your Lowcountry Vacation




While every region in the U.S. has a distinct cuisine, few places have as many iconic eats as the South. From fresh peach cobbler to chicken fried steak, we have something for everyone. A fan of hearty breakfasts? We’ve got you covered. Can’t wait to crack into some fresh, local seafood? You’re in the right place. Looking for 15 different fried foods to try? Yep, we have that too.

While there may be too many classic dishes to try in one trip, we’ve boiled down the list to seven must-try meals for your Lowcountry vacation.

  1. Biscuits. You can find biscuits just about anywhere, but until you’ve had a buttermilk biscuit in the South, you haven’t lived. These flakey delights pair well with just about any dish, from spicy stews to egg scrambles.
  2. BBQ. You can’t vacation in the Carolinas without ordering some authentic Southern BBQ. South Carolina is known for using a variety of BBQ sauces, including a vinegar-based sauce similar to North Carolina’s, a thick tomato-based sauce, or Carolina Gold, which is a light tomato and mustard sauce. BBQ tastes good on any type of protein, but we can’t resist a juicy pulled pork sandwich.
  3. Fried green tomatoes. Simple ingredients are at the root of most Southern dishes. While green tomatoes are seen as an underripe fruit in most parts of the country, in the South, they make an irresistible appetizer. We pair our famous fried green tomatoes with a tomato cream sauce and local shrimp.
  4. Chicken and waffles. Sweet, sticky, salty, and oh-so-comforting, a plate of chicken and waffles hits all the right notes.
  5. Jambalaya. Jambalaya is as rich in history as it is flavor.This one-pot wonder is filled to the brim with meats, vegetables, and shellfish, then poured over a bed of rice and served with cornbread.
  6. Shrimp and grits. You’ll usually find this dish on the breakfast table for a reason. The base of creamy grits complements the layer of marinated shrimp, and is topped with bacon, scallions, and cheddar.
  7. Pecan pie. Finish off your meal with a slice (or two) of homemade pecan pie, a decadent treat that deserves to be enjoyed at any time of year, not just around the holidays.

No vacation would be complete without sampling the local foods. Join us at The Cottage for classic Southern dishes with a little Lowcountry flair.