Seven Insider Tips for Shopping your Local Farmers Market




Farmers Markets are summertime staples, especially here in the Lowcountry. Browsing the stands at our markets is like taking a trip back in time to when fresh food was bought and sold by friends and neighbors. It’s also a great way to shop sustainably and support your local community.

No matter what brings you to the market – your friends, your carbon footprint, or the leafy greens – we’ve got some tips to help you have the best experience possible.

  1. Arrive early. Markets tend to be less crowded right when they open, giving you more room to browse comfortably. The most popular items also tend to go first, so If you know you want those morning buns or fresh berries, set your alarm and head straight for the stands.
  2. Know what’s in season. You can almost always find your standard lettuce-tomato-carrot trio at the market, but even these staples will taste better at certain points in the year. Knowing what’s in season will help you choose the freshest produce possible.
  3. Bring small change. Paying in exact change is a lot easier than breaking down larger bills. Some vendors may not accept cards either, so it’s best to come prepared with a simple payment method.
  4. Shop sustainably. Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags with you on market day! They’re better for the planet and will save you from forgetting one of many plastic sacks at the peach stand.
  5. Pick up your pantry staples. From hand-made soaps to local cheeses, there’s so much more to find at the farmers market than just fruits and vegetables. Out of bread or craving a sweet treat? We sell a delicious selection of baked goods at the Bluffton Farmers Market every Thursday. 
  6. Ask questions. Can’t tell what that tropical fruit is? Not sure which honey pairs best with goat cheese? The vendors know their products better than anyone, and will be happy to answer all of your questions.
  7. Try something new. Your market is likely to have foods you can’t find at the grocery store. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your list, but shopping local is a great opportunity to try all of the Lowcountry’s authentic flavors.

Market day is our favorite day of the week. If you’re (literally) in the market for decadent cookies, gooey cinnamon rolls, or freshly-baked bread, come by the Bluffton Farmers Market on Thursdays from 12-3. Our stand is located right in front of our restaurant, the perfect place to pick up lunch once you’ve finished shopping.