The Magic of Southern Comfort Food




No matter where you’re from in the United States, the scents of flaky butter biscuits, creamy mashed potatoes, and warm pecan pie remind you of home. Southern food is called comfort food for a reason: these timeless dishes nourish your soul.

At its core, southern food is rooted in local ingredients. Foods like okra, sweet potatoes, peaches, and black-eyed peas have been grown in the South for centuries, and the region’s lakes, rivers, and tidal pools serve up some of the best seafood in the world. When you sit down to a bowl of she-crab soup or gumbo, you can taste the tradition in every bite.

Although most dishes are based on a few essential products, that doesn’t mean they lack flavour. The South is known for using spices, sauces, and a whole lot of butter to amp up everything from fried chicken to collard greens. Gravy is not just a breakfast food, you don’t eat barbeque without the sauce, and Nashville Hot Chicken is not for the faint of heart. No matter what you order at a local restaurant, you’ll be satisfied after your meal.

Southern comfort isn’t just about the food itself – it’s about the way the food makes you feel. The nostalgic flavors take you back to simpler times, from summer days sipping sweet tea on the porch to sharing a basket of hushpuppies with friends. Because these are dishes that everyone can enjoy, they have a way of bringing people together like no other.   

At The Cottage, we pride ourselves on crafting the finest southern comfort dishes with a dash of Lowcountry flare. Join us for a loaded muffaletta, Shrimp and Grits, Blue Crab Bacon Pimento Dip, or Cajun jambalaya that’s as good (or better) than your grandmother made it.