The Dos and Don’ts of Dining Out With Your Dog




As a restaurant with a pet-friendly patio, we know how important it is to have your best friend by your side — even while you’re out to eat. It is now more common than ever for pet parents to bring their furry friends along to their favorite restaurants, especially in the sunny Lowcountry. While pets are not allowed inside the restaurant, The Cottage does host dogs and humans alike on the patio.

There’s nothing better than spending time outside with a cold drink, great food and your best dog pal. If you’re ready to take your pet out to eat, follow our dos and don’ts for a successful dining experience with your dog:

  1. DO make sure your dog will get a meal, too. Don’t leave your best friend begging for scraps while you dine on a Bacon O’ Bacon benedict or a Hello Delmo burger. Instead, ask your server about The Cottage’s Dog Menu, available for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Your dog can dine on gourmet dishes, like Mojo Chow, made with chicken, bacon, rice and egg, the Daddy Dallas Dinner, made from a blend of eggs, cheese, and chicken, or Skyler’s Licker, a peanut butter, banana, and yogurt doggy dessert. If your dog has special dietary needs, our dog-friendly dishes can be customized to keep their tail wagging all day long.
  2. DON’T put your dog on the table. You’re bound to get some Instagram-worthy moments with your pup on the patio, but please refrain from sitting your dog on the table. We know you want to include your dog in your dining experience as much as possible, but it may be frowned upon by the Health Department. Instead, set them on a chair in front of a stack of Challah French Toast or an ABC Omelet when breakfast is served, and watch the “likes” roll in. Don’t forget to tag The Cottage when you post!
  3. DO know your dog. You know your dog best. Your furry friend should be calm in social settings, especially when there may be crowds, loud noises, or other dogs involved. If you have a barker or a whiner, consider leaving your dog at home or joining us on a weekday. You can always bring them a doggy bag… literally.
  4. DON’T forget a leash. Taking your dog on a walk before your meal allows them to work out any excess energy before sitting down to eat, and gives you a chance to explore the shops and scenery of Old Town Bluffton. We know there’s a lot to see and do, but keeping your pet tied to your patio chair will keep them from following their nose to the kitchen’s backstock of bacon.

At The Cottage, we are pleased to deliver doggone excellent service to you and your furry friend. Enjoy a farm-fresh salad, seafood scramble, Southern gumbo, and more while they dine on a dish prepared just for them. Stop by our patio today and allow us to serve your party of one, two, three and a half.