Summer (Veggie) Lovin’




It’s not just in your head that strawberries taste weird in the middle of December, or that squash has an off-flavor in the spring. In the South, don’t even think about trying peaches in October. Fruits and vegetables cycle through their own unique growing seasons each year, and mid-Summer is the perfect time to indulge in your favorite garden-fresh foods.

Nothing says summer like warm, fuzzy peaches. Located only a few miles from The Peach State, the Lowcountry’s climate and soil quality produces some of the best peaches in the country. Enjoy the sticky-sweet fruit straight from the crate or find them in our seasonal selection of baked goods at The Cottage. Berries are also abundant, and are turned into pies, tarts, and scones daily.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy juicy tomatoes, whether you eat them straight, in a sauce, or with a salad. Mix it up and try our savory tomato pie, made with cheeses, herbs, and a flaky pie crust, or a Southern favorite like fried green tomatoes. Our twist on the classic dish allows you to taste the flavors of the Lowcountry in every bite: we pair our fried tomatoes with cornbread, Cajun tomato cream, and shrimp. Looking for a lighter meal? We recommend the avocado caprese with grilled shrimp.

Speaking of shrimp, produce isn’t the only thing that’s plentiful right now. Summer is the height of shrimp season, and the daily hauls on the coast yield the best selection of shellfish we see all year — and that’s saying something. Local shrimp is a staple in all of our menus, but now’s the time to order the catch-of-the-day you’ve been craving. If you’ve never had gumbo, it’s high time you tried this traditional dish. Ours is made with shrimp, crab, sausage, tomato, and okra, all poured over rice and cornbread. Other regional favorites include shrimp and grits and Cajun jambalaya. 

No matter the season, our chefs at The Cottage always use the freshest ingredients. Spend your next meal with us and enjoy the finest flavors the Lowcountry has to offer.