The Cottage “Bluffton State Of Mind” Mug Design Contest




Enter your design to win and be featured on a Cottage mug! Talented artists from our Lowcountry community are encouraged to enter artwork that best interprets the “Bluffton State Mind” inspired by Bluffton and The Cottage.

What does “Bluffton State of Mind” mean to you? What image does it conjure?

We welcome all styles of artwork. This can be in the form of a cartoon, a pencil drawing, watercolor, painting, or graphic design – as long as it ultimately can be put into a high-resolution digital format.  The winning artwork will be featured on a limited-edition mug for sale at The Cottage starting this winter. All finalists will be invited to a special art showing of the entries  at the Bluffton Coffee & Chocolate Festival on December 8, 2018 where the winning artwork will be voted on. Winner will receive a $150 Cottage gift card and some great bragging rights! Contest entries and complete rules can be found below.

10% of all proceeds from the sale of the mugs will be donated to Bluffton Self Help. When a guest purchases each mug, they will receive $.99 coffee refills during return visits to The Cottage.

The entry period is open until November 30, 2018.

How to Submit Your Artwork:

Contest Rules and Design Specifications:

  • More than one entry per artist is accepted.
  • The printing space is 3”H X 8.55” (with full bleed is 3.98”H X 8.625W) and must fit into our template. The template is also located at the bottom of the entry form.
  • The image should be in full color, include The Cottage logo (download logo package here) and able to wrap around an 11-oz.ceramic coffee mug almost from handle to handle. Please refer to the template for dimensions of the print area.
  • The theme of this design should relate to The Cottage and Bluffton within the “Bluffton State of Mind” theme and include some form of The Cottage logo.
  • Can be hand-drawn or designed digitally
  • If the design will be provided in a digital format. We accept Adobe Illustrator (highly preferred), Photoshop, JPEG and TIFF 300 dpi or higher. Hi-res vector art in CMYK is ideal. The artwork can be created in any medium you want, even a painting or quilt, but it will need to be scanned or photographed at a high resolution to be converted into a digital format and fit the same printing space given above.
  • Must be original work and created exclusively for The Cottage.
  • Each entrant gives The Cottage the unlimited rights to reproduce and/or display their artwork image on mugs, website and any other promotional materials. The image will become the property of The Cottage, and as such, The Cottage has the right to request native files from the designer and may edit the design as necessary for The Cottage needs. The Cottage will retain the original art for the restaurant’s permanent collection. The artist will not receive cash payment for the work.

How winners are chosen

  • The voting committee comprises of Leslie Rohland, Owner of The Cottage, and several other of her friends, compadres, wait staff (family) and her Creative Director, Lindsay Doyle of SmartMarketing Communications. All finalists will be invited to attend a special art viewing at the Bluffton Coffee & Chocolate Festival on December 8, 2018 that will showcase contest entries to be voted on. Winners will be unveiled on December 10, 2018. Winning artist will receive a $150 gift card to The Cottage and their artwork appear on The Cottage coffee mugs.  People’s Choice winner will recieve a $50 gift card to The Cottage.