The Cottage Water Infusion




Is Infused Water Healthy?

In short, fruit-infused water is absolutely nutritional for you. In addition to adding more water to your diet, you’ll also be getting some of the vitamin content and antioxidants from the fruits you’re using.  Basically, we’re making making your own “vitamin water,” but without the processed ingredients or high price tag.  Here are several reasons why drinking water is so important:

  • Water helps with weight loss – if you feel hungry, it might actually be your body trying to get water – so drink some water and your hunger might go away!
  • Drinking water increases your metabolism which helps you burn fat.
  • Water provides extra energy for your muscles, and helps prevent muscle cramps and strains.
  • Water improves your judgment and thinking.
  • Water prevents headaches and minimizes illnesses.
  • Water improves your mood.
  • Water makes your skin look great.
  • And, everyone’s favorite, water keeps your bowel movements nice and regular.

Amazingness, right?  I really love infusing my water with fruit because it makes your water look vibrant and delicious, it’s full of flavor and natural sweetness, and fruit is super yummy.