Breakfast Menu

Hearty Starts

Classic Hammy $12.95
Tavern ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, fries, fruit
Crabby Bernice $14.95
Crab cakes, poached eggs, hollandaise, fries, fruit
Green Goodness $13.95
Avocado, poached eggs, hollandaise, fries, fruit
Bacon O’ Bacon $13.95
Bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise, fries, fruit

The Unique

Spanish Open-Faced Omelet $13.95
Potato, onion, scallion, cheddar, parsley, toast & fruit
American Scramble $13.95
Bacon, onion, potato, cheddar, toast & fruit
Green Eggs & Ham $13.95
Avocado, ham, scallions, spinach, parsley, Swiss, fruit & toast
Mexicali Scrambolé $13.95
Chorizo, cheddar, tomato, potato, mushrooms, toast & fruit


Big Breakfast Burrito $13.95
Beans, rice, sausage, cheese, egg, peppers, onions, salsa verde & sour cream on side
Challah French Toast $12.95
With cinnamon, apples & pecans

Southern Fare

Shrimp, Bacon, & Potato Hash $14.95
With peppers & onions,parsley, poached eggs, over toast
Cottage Corned Beef Hash $14.95
Potatoes, onions, worcestershire creme fraiche, parsley, poached eggs, over toast
Shrimp & Grits with Eggs Y’all! $16.95
Mushroom, bacon, garlic, onion, scallion, poached eggs

Eggs! Eggs!

Eggs Denver $12.95
Ham, pepper, onion, cheddar, toast & fruit
Farmer’s Eggs $12.95
Potato, bacon, mushroom, swiss, toast & fruit
Eggs Cilantro $11.95
Cilantro, avocado, Parmesan, toast & fruit
Eggs Spinach $11.95
Spinach, tomato, cream cheese, toast & fruit
Eggs Mushroom $11.95
Mushroom, swiss, parsley, toast & fruit
Protein Punch $13.95
Eggs galore with bacon, cheddar, toast & fruit
Artichoke, Brie & Crab Omelet $14.95
Creme fraiche & scallions, fruit & toast
Eggs Your Way $12.95
Your choice of eggs – scrambled, fried or poached. Bacon, sausage or ham. With fries & toast.

Note: Prices and menu items change seasonally at the discretion of management, without notice.